Attitude is Altitude – focus on what you HAVE

Nick Vujicic. This man is INCREDIBLE!

He is a living embodiment that attitude is critical. If he is so positive and inspirational, imagine what can you do when you focus on living your dreams.

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5 Comments on “Attitude is Altitude – focus on what you HAVE”

  1. tim smith Says:

    thanks for turning me onto this bob!

    • Bob Faw Says:

      My pleasure, Tim. I’m very impressed with Nick Vujicic. He has a great message, and he’s a powerful speaker. Plus it’s heart-warming to see his rapport with the students he speaks to.

  2. tim smith Says:

    thanks for turning me onto this bob

  3. Amy Wheeler Says:

    This guy sounds great. I went to his website- do you know what he costs for schools? I shot an email to the website, but just thought I would ask. We get speakers here all the time, but have a small budget because we have so many speakers.. Just curious..

    • Bob Faw Says:

      Hello Amy,
      I don’t know how much he costs actually. But I imagine if his fee was over your budget that a few schools could chip in together to have them speak to all at once, or on the same day.

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