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Interview about being the CEO of your Life

September 20, 2012

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Cosmic Coaching Centre in Toronto. For those interested, here’s the recording.

Make your life soar

Best DNA: Be more of the best of who you are

May 6, 2010

We can’t actually be anything we want. I’ll never be an astronaut because I get dizzy and claustrophobic. Instead I’ll put my energy into being the best of who I am. It feels completely natural and exciting for me to stand in front crowds of people helping them learn, making them laugh, helping them connecting to each other in positive ways. I love who I am in that moment — I love being me. So I “amp up” these qualities of mine and be the best of who I am whenever I can. It makes life so much richer.

Each of us have native strengths and passions that when we use them fully make us feel wonderfully alive. When we find the strengths and passions that also help us make a living we are on a path of fulfillment, achievement and increasing power.

1)  What are your strengths and passions?

2)  What do you do that makes you feel fully alive?

3)  How can you “amp up” those strengths in your life to be even more fulfilled, successful and vibrant?

4) What are people willing to reward you for doing?

Find out what lies at the intersection of all three of these areas. That’s your Best DNA for work, or for volunteer work, or whatever area you want the rewards in.

How would you answer these questions for your employees … spouse … children?

If you want help answering the strengths questions, the book “Go Put Your Strengths to Work” and other works by Marcus Buckingham can be very helpful. (note: The author has absolutely no connection to Buckingham, only respect for his work.)

Later in 2012 Matchbox Group ( will be putting out a self-assessment process for discovering your own Best DNA, along with tips on what to do to enhance that and make your life more successful and fulfilling.

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