Influencing Your Inner Movie – The Thinker & The Caveman

Posted September 13, 2012 by Bob Faw
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This is my favorite thing to teach. Being able to positively influence oneself is a critical skill for anyone increasing success, happiness, and even health.

There will be more videos teaching how to apply these concepts and tools in your life.

Stay tuned!


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Posted July 13, 2012 by Bob Faw
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I’ve updated this blog post with new insights, photos and links.

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We can’t actually be anything we want. I’ll never be an astronaut because I get dizzy and claustrophobic. Instead I’ll put my energy into being the best of who I am. It feels completely natural and exciting for me to stand in front crowds of people helping them learn, making them laugh, helping them connecting to each other in positive ways. I love who I am in that moment — I love being me. So I “amp up” these qualities of mine and be the best of who I am whenever I can. It makes life so much richer.

Each of us have native strengths and passions that when we use them fully make us feel wonderfully alive. When we find the strengths and passions that also help us make a living we are on a path of fulfillment, achievement and increasing power.

1)  What are your strengths and passions?

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Get your Caveman Passionate!

Posted July 5, 2012 by Bob Faw
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Get Your Caveman Passionate

I was honored to be interviewed for Peter Sterlacci‘s video blog last week. In his view, part of what I do is what he calls a “Personal Brand Mechanic”. I talk about the Caveman and the Thinker and how to get them both engaged both in living your personal brand, and in creating positive change in general.

See the video.

Mr. Happy Man – an inspiration to us all

Posted April 23, 2012 by Bob Faw
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Bermuda’s Johnny Barnes shares his love of life and humanity with thousands every day.

Talk about positive influence!! Prepare to be inspired by this amazing man.

Meet Johnny Barnes in this video

Positive Intelligence

Posted February 7, 2012 by Bob Faw
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Shawn Achor is a dynamic speaker and writer on this topic.

His take, through the Harvard Business Review on positive intelligence is a fantastic example of putting the science of happiness ahead of outdated conventional wisdom.

Even though he is a “competitor” of sorts I can only speak highly of everything I’ve seen him put out there.

Rock on, Shawn! You are a major player in what I call the Positive Change Revolution!

Do Free Work – For a career you’ll love!

Posted January 22, 2012 by Bob Faw
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Charlie has clearly articulated a powerful approach to creating a career you can love. It’s an approach that we have used successfully as well.

Our Story:

In mid-2009, when work slowed down dramatically, I did the same thing. We had all this free time on our hand so we decided to go out and do what we loved for free until people could pay us. We realized that the best thing for creating paying work, is when people have experienced good work of ours.

The ways that have worked for us:

  • We identified our “ideal client” and our “ideal gig”.
  • We began to speak about these favorite topics to groups of people that contained our ideal clients (CEO’s, human resource professionals, and other leaders).
  • Even more radically, we became very flexible with our price structures if an ideal client fit the following criteria:

Their mission is one we are passionate about

We like them as people and working with them was enjoyable

We have the time to do it

  • The easiest thing is to do whatever it takes to make our consulting programs work for the client. That often means going way above and beyond what we’d expected to see happen. Adding value in many unexpected ways as we go along. The wonderful thing is that this is a far more delightful way to work as well. Plus, the testimonials clients did for us went from very good to outstanding.
  • We produce free videos for our ideal clients. I’m a bit of a video production geek anyway, so it was an easy next step. We started asking if we can video-record portions of our programs. We created videos they could use to communicate changes to their far-flung employees and other stakeholders.
  • We even create videos and lead events far after we are officially done with a gig.

The benefits

  • No surprise, their gratitude helps us network and build a reputation much faster.
  • We’re doing more and more of the work we love to do.
  • We’re partnering more and more with clients we like and respect and who like and respect us.
  • I’ve always enjoyed my career, but now I love it more than ever.
  • We keep honing our skills at what we most want to master.
  • We feel engaged and alive, even when the money isn’t so strong. It keeps morale up.

My challenge for you

What can you do to create even more passion in your career?

Join us at the Breakfast With The Best and Culture Con, 1/31!

Posted December 16, 2011 by Bob Faw
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Michael and will be leading workshops on how to have a ‘best company to work at’ in the morning with the Breakfast with the Best and in the afternoon at the Culture Con.

Steps to a Culture of Passion

At Breakfast With The Best we’ll be hearing from the 10 best companies to work for in NH. Plus the gathering of 300-400 will be sharing their top practices as well! Come for great ideas and fun connections.

Sponsored by Business NH Magazine

Following that we’ll move a few blocks for the Culture Con. There we’ll go deeper into how to apply the best ideas to your own organization.

As a preview I’m guest blogging on Dyn’s blog about “8 Ideas For Enhancing Change Via Positive Change“. Dyn is hosting the Culture Con.

I hope to learn and have fun with you there!!


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