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Highly Motivating Reframes – clients’ examples

November 14, 2012

Going Positive Reframes… Reframing: This is a powerful motivational tool. Reframing our language helps us to influence the “inner movies” that we and others see in our minds. This can make a huge difference in how others perceive us and what we’re telling them. This is also true with family and friends. This truly can […]

Building Resilience – not just managing stress

October 7, 2010

Build resilience – influence yourself

Feedforward – a positive alternative to feedback

September 9, 2010

Sometimes we have to do it, but feedback is tough… even when intentions are good (and we know that they’re not always). Feedback often triggers “F Responses” (fight, flight or freeze) as we fear judgement, criticism and useless opinions. It can push people away. Feedback also assumes that we are right about what we’re giving […]

When team members compete – who wins?

July 24, 2010

Use R Responses to shift from competition to collaboration with team members

Optimists are Realists – the studies are in!

September 27, 2011

Guest Blogger: Terry Paulson    When I wrote “The Optimism Advantage,” I was already sold on Seligman’s work on learned optimism. But in doing preparation for the book, I found other research that indicated that optimists are realists. It makes sense. If earned optimism comes from a track record of overcoming obstacles, than you’ve had […]

Focusing on a clear goal guides positive behaviors

June 9, 2010

Power of Focus: What we unconsciously or purposely focus on ends up limiting our ability to see other things.

Influence your mood – enjoy life more

May 14, 2010

Feel better more of the time. Influence yourself with imagery.

Improvisational Leadership – the “yes and” approach

May 8, 2010

Yes and… The art of accepting reality and building upon and adapting to it…

Relax… Recharge… Refocus…

May 2, 2010

Relax… Recharge… Refocus… Refocus on what we WANT, rather than what we fear. Refocus on influencing positive results, rather than reacting and worsening the situation.

My story of discovery – the power of solution-focus

April 21, 2010

An Old Sea Dog Can Learn New Tricks
I want to tell you why I love my work now more than ever and why my clients do as well. … We’ll start with a true story.