Positive change on a global scale – Unified we rise

I was very moved by this beautiful video, and the many affiliated videos, for One Billion Rising.



These folks have captured the essence of positive change as I think of it. They are focusing on the beauty, vitality and preciousness of women to inspire all of us to help bring full rights and protection to all women. And they do it through invigorating music, dance, and testimonials.

Even the videos that show heart-rending examples of abuse end with inspiring power and beauty!

Plus, as a male, I feel completely inspired to be part of this movement. This topic is close to my heart anyway, but the way it is approached is completely positive for all except those actively abusing others. Even some of them can hopefully be inspired to change their ways by the beauty and power of billions of people rising as one around the world.

Some of the other OBR videos that really captured my heart.

http://youtu.be/sVxy9oEShPQ (caution, heart-breaking beginning)

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2 Comments on “Positive change on a global scale – Unified we rise”

  1. zgero Says:

    Empowering and Moving. Literally 😉 I love this song and love dancing to it.

  2. zgero Says:

    Reblogged this on Zsuzsi Gero, LCMHC and commented:
    I find this song empowering and moving. Try dancing along with the videos and feel the energy.

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