Get your Caveman Passionate!

Get Your Caveman Passionate

I was honored to be interviewed for Peter Sterlacci‘s video blog last week. In his view, part of what I do is what he calls a “Personal Brand Mechanic”. I talk about the Caveman and the Thinker and how to get them both engaged both in living your personal brand, and in creating positive change in general.

See the video.

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4 Comments on “Get your Caveman Passionate!”

  1. Allen Hollander Says:

    Great video Bob. The S.O.A.R approach really makes sense. You’re so right about the results of a S.W.O.T. discussion.
    – Allen

  2. Bob Faw Says:

    Thanks, Allen.
    To build on this I received the following email from a CEO I coached in Finland a couple of years ago.

    “…This year I made some tweaks to the SWOT inspired by the great idea you gave me – trading the “Weaknesses” part for the question “what do we want to get better at”… In evaluating the two days we were all amazed on the difference it made with those small changes! The energy level never dropped as it usually did during the weaknesses and threats part of the workshop, we didn’t get stuck in endless discussions on why we had failed solving some historic problems identified in previous SWOTs (resulting in a much quicker process), and I personally think we got all the information we usually do plus a few more useful ideas not sprung out of a weakness or a threat. All in all, we got a lot more done than we usually do in the time available, the result was better and people were even more empowered by the process. Pretty good I’d say! :-)”
    Niklas Tiger

  3. Zsuzsi Says:

    Great interview. Thank you for the helpful and inspiring ideas!

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