“Resilience” thoughts from my mentors

In addition to having the honor of training others to increase Resilience, I’ve enjoyed learning from a couple of my mentors.


Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology talks about “flourishing” which is really at the heart of great resilience.

I’ve never met him, but I’ve learned a lot nonetheless.

This video explains the powerful of flourishing personally and globally.


Allen Hollander, who I’ve known for 20 years, has a great blog. His latest post explains the importance of how you interpret a traumatic situation. The more you are determined to learn from it, the more you can bounce back and grow.






I’m grateful to Allen, Martin, and all the other people who I’ve learned from over the years. Here’s to mentors!

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5 Comments on ““Resilience” thoughts from my mentors”

  1. Thanks for the kind words Bob. On the normal distribution curve of a resilience, you’d be one of my examples of those who grow from adversity, vs cope with it.

  2. dkjacks Says:

    Bob, it looks like several of us have been focusing on resilience lately. Becky Schaumbaugh (Schambaugh Leadership) has been leading with this discussion for a while. It seems there have been many events that have required resilience lately. Here are my thoughts as well.http://davidjacksoninsights.com/2011/03/resilience-standing-on-strengths/

  3. I’ve recently heard this refered to as “adaptive competence”. It’s the skill one acquires to bounce back.

    According to this article, a gerontologist believes it’s one of the survival traits that helps someone live past the century mark.


    And another article on teaching it to adolescents:

    • Bob Faw Says:

      Thank you for your contribution, Robin. I like the term “adaptive competence”. I’ve been seeing more and more research and theories of how this competency helps us age well… and do most everything else well too.

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