Paradox of Vulnerability

Vulnerability can lead us to great harm… and it’s the only way to great joy.

Authenticity is our most powerful way of positively influencing others.

Brene Brown speaks powerfully about her own fight against vulnerability, and they way it led her to authenticity. This is a must see for any who want to see how “hard” research” deals with a “soft” topic.

If you value feeling connected to others watch this video.

Vulnerability - Path to Personal Power

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3 Comments on “Paradox of Vulnerability”

  1. Hi Bob, so true about vulnerability. Some research on negotiations and influence confirms that when one discloses some vulnerability – it breeds trust and smooths things along. And true for leadership in general. BTW, when I clicked on the link: “Brene Brown speaks powerfully,” I didn’t link to anything.

    • Bob Faw Says:

      Thank you for your comment, Allen.
      I find, as I’m sure you do as well, that I make a more positive impact when I bring my authentic passion for a topic, and caring for a client to my presentations.

    • Bob Faw Says:

      Oh yes, and I fixed the link to the video on vulnerability. Thanks for the heads up.

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