Using classical music to inspire – video

This video shows Benjamin Zander in full glory presenting at Being a world-class conductor, he speaks to influence and leadership using marvelous musical analogies. He has wonderful stories that are worth the video themselves as well. And his shoe salesmen joke is a classic example of looking for solutions.

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4 Comments on “Using classical music to inspire – video”

  1. Amy Wheeler Says:

    I have seen Ben Zander work with kids (musicians) for the past 6 years and he is truly inspiring. Thank you for this- the messages are worth keeping and spreading.

  2. Amazing. I took 10 years of classical piano and classical music appreciation in college – I wish I had him as my teacher. So easy to catch his disease for classical. he’s contagious. Thanks Bob!

    • Bob Faw Says:

      His enthusiasm and joy are definitely contagious. This seems to be a key ingredient for true masters of any craft–seeing the beauty in it, and thoroughly enjoying doing it. Plus, he has the additional mastery in teaching others. I’ve never taken a piano lesson, but wanted to after seeing his video.

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