Deep full-life transformation

There is an organization that helps their clients truly transform their lives. The Care Center in Nashua, NH.

Their clients move from…

fear to confidence

despair to hope


homelessness to security.

I’ve had the deep honor of interviewing a number of their past clients. Almost every one has talked about living a life of fear,

in a home where the mother’s and children’s physical safety was always questioned…

or one step away from living on streets…

The Transitional Housing Program (their flagship service) is a tightly run process that truly gives the women and their families every opportunity and every tool that they need to transform their life.

They told me that the major ingredient the clients must bring to it is their own grit. They must also believe in the future life they want for themselves and their children. They have to adapt to the supportive guidelines, heal their emotional wounds in therapy, learn new parenting skills, and improve the way they deal with finances. When they did all of this, they succeeded.

I noticed that what usually first drove the women to the Care Center was fear and pain. What then helped the successful ones to transform their life was a vision of greater health, security and well-being for themselves and their children.

There are powerful lessons for all of us in changing our own lives.

  • Let the fear motivate you away from the danger; and then use the love for self and others to motivate to greater things.
  • Be willing to adapt to radically new ways of doing things.
  • Be grateful to those that offer you help – and take advantage of all the resources you can on your journey.


In the next few weeks I’m going to post video of some of the interviews, so that you too can be inspired by these heroic women.

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3 Comments on “Deep full-life transformation”

  1. Thank you Bob for the in depth support, guidance, and awareness you are giving our agency. This is the first blog I have seen featuring us and that’s “wicked” cool!

    • Bob Faw Says:

      You are most welcome, Amy. It’s my pleasure to be part of the Care Center team during the strategic planning process. Great mission, wonderful people.

  2. […] Video that speaks to positive life-transformation Last year I blogged about this amazing nonprofit in “Deep full-life transformation“. […]

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