Building Resilience – not just managing stress

I have had the absolute pleasure to present a few Resilience workshops recently. They’re usually called “Stress Management training” for the client because that’s what people are used to. Yet, as the old saw goes, “prevention is the best cure”. It’s far easier to build resilience in yourself and your team, rather than try to manage tons of stress after it’s built up a lot.

One of the key factors in building and maintaining resilience is the way we influence ourselves. The influence skills we’ve been talking about in this blog are just as relevant for your inner world and personal life, as they are for professional success.

Some of the key elements that are so helpful for resilience are

Build your resilience and thrive!

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8 Comments on “Building Resilience – not just managing stress”

  1. Elaine Spitz Says:

    I recently enjoyed Bob’s Resilience Workshop at the NEQC Conference near Boston – he’s smart, funny and most important: he understands human motivation and fear. Those are the keys, I think, to help us focus on the challenges in life and get through them with a sense of joy, accomplishment, and yes, resilience.

    Bring Bob Faw to your conference, seminar, work-place, today – you’ll be glad of it!

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    • Betsy Says:

      nice article….this is exactly what I did Thanksgiving day. I wrote each of my children a small note of gratitude and focused on each person’s strenth and personal accomplishment. Felt good to take focus of off myself and invest in them!

      • Bob Faw Says:

        Thanks, Betsy. Nice way to do it.
        “Invest in them” is a good way to say it. By taking a bit of time and focus to give someone that type of positive feedback it helps build rapport with them. Praise from a mother is especially powerful considering the unique bond mothers usually have, and the influence their opinions have on their children.

  3. Mr D Says:

    I have worked with Bob in the experiential education setting. Bob has always inspired me and brought out the best in me professionally and personally.
    With deep regards,
    Glenn D’Avanzo

  4. […] more information on building resilience through influencing yourself go to my post on this […]

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