Do you want to be more popular?

What is everyone’s favorite topic – their own successes.

Help others feel good

Do you want to be more popular? ┬áSincerely look for and acknowledging other’s real strengths, accomplishments and insights.

The best leaders (described as Level 5 Leaders in “Good to Great“) surround themselves with others who have superior skill sets, abilities and talents. Then they encourage them to do their work. These are the kind of leaders that people will go the extra 10 miles for.

Look for what is best about your spouse. Share that in a sincerely appreciative way.

Look for the talents in your children – let them know as well.

Appreciate out loud what you like about your friends – become more popular.

Just keep it real. Sincerity is key to lasting relationships.

And do it for yourself as well. Acknowledge your strengths, build on them, celebrate them. (for those that are modest — when we celebrate others strengths first most people are willing to give us credit for ours as well.

If enough people do this, the culture of your company/family/circle of friends becomes more fun, more effective and safer to try new things.

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