Focusing on a clear goal guides positive behaviors

The Power of Focus: The human brain can only take in so much data at once.

Focus on your end goal

What we unconsciously or purposely focus on ends up limiting our ability to see other things. So what happens when we choose to look mostly at negatives or limitations? What happens when we focus mostly on success? Choosing to focus on solutions enables us to see opportunities that we may have otherwise missed. Words create mental images and feeling states. Negative words such as “stop”, “avoid” and “don’t” try to negate them. The brain immediately sends out emotion biochemicals in response to imagery – creating feeling states within milliseconds. Plus, the brain does not know how to negate a mental image.
E.g., when we say to a child, “No, do not go into the swimming pool,” the child’s mental image is going into the swimming pool.

When we focus on a clear goal, our mind automatically starts looking for ways to get there.

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6 Comments on “Focusing on a clear goal guides positive behaviors”

  1. Derek Says:

    Bob, Great stuff! It’s also amazing how positive words can have such a wonderful impact too! The other day someones said thank you to me for holding the door open. Those two words go a long way and sound so nice.

  2. Bob Faw Says:

    Thanks, Derek.
    it’s great to hear from you. I agree with your point whole-heartedly. A lot of what we do at Matchbox Group is help organizations develop cultures that inspire the employees. Positive words, politeness, care and concern all are part of an inspiring culture and even just an inspiring person.

  3. Bob Faw Says:

    This inspiring video shows how powerfully focusing on what you really want in life guides behavior. This guy wants to live easily and affordably so he “lives small”; and he does it elegantly. Check it out at

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