Influence your mood – enjoy life more

Choose to feel more joy - influence it

Feel better more of the time. Influence yourself with imagery.

The images we have in our minds directly influence what neurochemicals (hormones) are released into our body. This is scientifically proven. When we have images of fearful things in our minds it triggers the release neurochemicals that literally make us feel bad. When we have images of good things it triggers the release of neurochemicals that make us feel good. If we’re in danger, the fear responses are helpful. If we’re not, they’re unnecessary stress and to be honest, a real downer.

I use images of past successes, of soothing nature, of great relationships to influence my mood. What do you use?

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7 Comments on “Influence your mood – enjoy life more”

  1. Eric Says:

    Landscape photography, my own landscape photography, photograps that capture people or places that signify great healing moments for me…..

    I’ve learned to pull up the “video tape” of previous professional successes as I prepare for tense, or intense, meetings with clients. Most recently, I “ran the tapes” the night before a major presentation. When I went into the meeting, I felt calm, energized and able to deal with the moment.

    • bobfaw Says:

      This is a great example, Eric, of the incredible ability we have to influence our moods and enjoy life more. As you know, our “presence” (how others perceive us) comes across more positive, confident and clear when we play past successes like that in our minds. In my presentation skills training we help people use this visualization skills to amp up the power of their presence.

  2. Michael Says:

    I guess this is why when we meditate we imagine places like sunlit beaches, desert sunsets, peaceful mountain scenery. We’re actually changing our body chemistry to help us feel more peaceful.
    What do you suppose happens to us when we watch violence and mayhem on TV? Or when we must live in daily contact with trauma and danger? No wonder folks returning from war zones are traumatized. How can we stop those images so we can begin to heal?

    • bobfaw Says:

      Michael, you ask a very deep and fantastic question.
      The short answer to who to ” stop those images so we can begin to heal” is these two steps.
      First, desensitize the traumatic memories that keep flashing distressing images and feelings.
      Second, habitually create positive imagery of a positive future to help refocus the brain on hope and health and motivate good healing.
      The long answer is talked more about in places like the Vital Cycles website – a support group for trauma survivors.

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