Improvisational Leadership – the “yes and” approach

Yes and…

The art of accepting reality and building upon and adapting to it… rather than fighting, denying or complaining about it.

What changes are happening in your life that are out of your control? What would be better for you to accept and adapt to quickly? What areas would you be more successful in if you were even better at accepting and improvising a positive response.

When we disagree with someone’s idea, approach, beliefs we often respond negatively. Sometimes that’s helpful, usually it’s not. If we can affirm (yes) to what we DO like and then build (and) in a mutually beneficial direction we build motivation and openness.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting “Improvisational Leadership” one of my favorite trainings. “yes and” is the capstone of the training. Every time I talk about it I feel my own skills improve as well. It’s one of the joys of teaching what you love.

Soon I plan to start posting video clips of these concepts in action or being taught. I hope that helps make much more sense of it all.

I’d be delighted to receive examples from readers about where you use “yes and” to influence your world more positively.

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6 Comments on “Improvisational Leadership – the “yes and” approach”

  1. Eric Says:

    Interesting set of thoughts that speak to pre-suppositions vs the reality of interactive dialogue. I’ve come to think of my work with clients as “improv jazz”. That helps me to stay tuned to the nuances of each player in the room.

    • bobfaw Says:

      Great way to say it, Eric — “improv jazz”. It shows that when we bring this attitude to life it can be musical. It also says that playing is a critical to our success as working is. We can enjoy our professions and “groove” on it. Play on!

  2. Heather H Says:

    Love it…I haven’t checked yet, have you typed up “yes and..” concepts? I love your ideas! 🙂

    • bobfaw Says:

      I certainly have, Heather. I’m working on posting them to our website for free downloading. I’ll post here once I do.
      it’s great to hear from you!

  3. […] The “yes and” approach embedded in Improvisational Leadership […]

  4. […] The “yes and” approach embedded in Improvisational Leadership […]

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