Relax… Recharge… Refocus…

photo by bob faw

What helps YOU create “R Responses” in yourself?

Our brains are highly influenced by what we see. The images effect what biochemicals are put into our system.  Even our mental images have this effect.

When stressed out, distracted, confused, anxious or angry we can CHOOSE to focus on something that creates an “R Response”. An image like this sunset can induce dopamine and endorphins to flow in us. Equally important, it can soothe our brain so that the “stress hormone” cortisol is no longer produced.

Then we’re able to relax… our bodies can now recharge… and our minds are able to refocus…

Refocus on what we WANT, rather than what we fear. Refocus on influencing positive results, rather than reacting and worsening the situation.

What do you do to create R Responses in yourself? I’d love to hear from you!

(FYI: If you liked this photo click here to see my “Soothing Photos” album)

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3 Comments on “Relax… Recharge… Refocus…”

  1. Eric Says:

    Just an elegant reminder that images of untrammeled nature are extraordinarily healing. Second only to looking at images of nature for soothing is to be in it!

    • bobfaw Says:

      That is a powerful statement coming from you, a health-care architect, who designs huge hospitals.
      It’s wonderful how much we’re learning about our brains and how to purposefully help ourselves be more effective, happy and successful.

  2. […] part of why I talk about “R Responses” as a way to cool off and see the situation more clearly… and begin to see our […]

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