Expose yourself – Seth Godin’s Blog

This is another way of looking at “You are what you think”. Seth writes so powerfully.

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2 Comments on “Expose yourself – Seth Godin’s Blog”

  1. Ligia Buzan Says:

    Yes, but one is quite blind to one’s own thinking– most of the time; and one is not fully aware of one’s own (toxic) environment— after a while. How do we start to embrace healthier modes of being?

    • bobfaw Says:

      That’s a good question, Ligia. One approach is to look for people who have ways of being that seem more what you want; that can be healthier, more successful, more focused, etc. Spend time with them read their books, discuss their philosophies (e.g., “Drive” as we did), etc. That type of exposure gradually helps us do two things. One is that we gain more contrast with the toxicity that may be in our own environment. The other is that we may start to adopt their thinking patterns, world-views and habits.
      Thanks for chiming in! It’s great to “see” you in the blogosphere!

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